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Why are only glass bottles used?
NOW cold pressed juices use only glass bottles as they avoid chemicals leaching into the product.

What is the difference between cold–pressed, homemade and packedged juice?
Existing packaged juices in the market contain preservatives, chemicals, growth hormones, stabilizers and are full of added sugar. While our juices are made of 100% raw fruits and vegetables,tetrapak juices in the market typically contain only 8-10% fruit or vegetables.
Now cold pressed juices are not pasteurized at high temperatures and contain no chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar. In addition, household juicers or blenders involve a high-speed rotating blade or strainer, which create heat and cause oxidation, destroying vital nutrients in the juice.
As no heat or air is thrust through the juice during the cold-pressing process, it retains far more nutrition and living enzymes are kept intact. This allows you to absorb the maximum nutrients, vitamins and minerals possible from the raw produce.

How should I store my juice?
Keep them cool. Store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator, between 0 and 4 degrees if possible. Just like milk. Kindly adjust your refrigerator temperature as per the weather as and when needed.

I find my juice has divided into the lower sediment part and the upper clear juice fluid looks like water?
We use a variety of ingredients in all our juices, some produce clear juice (such as apple and lemon) and some produce soluble fibre as a by-product, for example spinach and kale. Therefore, sometimes the heavier sediments tend to settle at the bottom portion of the bottle. There’s no need to worry, just shake before consuming.

The colour of my juice looks different today. What is the reason?
Colours of raw fruit and vegetables vary with each changing season. For example, pomegranates are much lighter in the summer than in the winter months. This is the sole reason for change in colour. Don’t worry we don’t compromise on the quality of fruits and vegetables.

What is the calorie count in each juice?
A 300ml juice contains around 120-220 calories. Since the source of calories is raw food, our bodies utilize every bit of it. Nutritional information of all our juices are available on the website.

Can my kids drink now juice?
Absolutely! Our juices are great for boosting energy naturally and make a great snack for kids.

What if I have any health conditions such as diabetes or taking prescribed medications?
If you’re diabetic or on blood thinners, you probably should not do a cleanse process. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet plan.

Is the juice vegan-friendly?
Yes, we don’t use any animal products in our juices.

Are your juices fresh upon delivery?
Yes, our juices are made fresh daily. While our juices are safe to drink within 72 hrs. (from the time of delivery), we highly recommend consuming your juices within 48 hrs. for maximum benefit.

Will you be launching new flavours and products?
Our team is working hard to develop new flavours for you. Get in touch with us via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Can I give empty bottles to the delivery boy?
If you’d like to be part of our recycling drive and have your bottles collected, please email us at to join the green revolution.

Do you deliver juices on Sundays?
We deliver juices 7 days a week only in Pune. They arrive by 10am on Sundays as we also like to sleep in a little extra.

How do I know that my juices are spoilt?
The only way the juices can get spoilt if they are exposed to heat and humidity or if they are past their best before date. If your juice bottle is bloated or the juice is fizzing or smells acidic then please do not consume it. Please call us on 8600479194 and we will solve your doubts.

What should I do if the juices are late?
In the rare, unfortunate event that your juices are running late, please give us a call and we will trace your delivery for you.

What time do the juices get delivered?
The juices are delivered anytime between 6.00am to 9.00am (Monday – Saturday)

Who delivers the juices?
We have an efficient delivery system and deliver the juices to your door seven days a week.

What are the payment options available?
You can pay for all your purchases online.

Do you have COD payment option?
Currently we are not offering COD payment option.

How is the NOW Juice cleanse different from other cleanses?
Our juices are cold-pressed and made fresh daily with the finest locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. Our cold-pressed process locks in all the essential vitamins and minerals that typically get lost with other forms of traditional juicing that use heat or pasteurization.

From where do I get my daily protein requirements?
The amount of protein available in both of our green juices and almond milk is enough to meet the body’s daily protein requirement. Also, our juices contain vegetables that are high in protein. However, if you would like additional protein, we recommend incorporating our almond milk in your cleanse.

Is there an age requirement or limit to cleanse?
While we do not have an age limitation, we insist that our Cleanse is used by individuals who are 18 years and above.

Can I drink alcohol while cleansing?
We strictly warn against drinking alcohol 3-5 days before your cleanse as well as during your cleanse

Can I smoke when I am on the cleanse?
Ideally, no you should not smoke while cleansing.

Is it ok to exercise while I am on the cleanse?
Yes. We recommend low-impact activities. Exercise is a great way to help your body with detoxification

What if I have a health condition such as diabetes or take prescription medication?
If you’re diabetic or on blood thinners, you probably should not do a cleanse. Always consult your doctor prior to beginning any diet plan.

Does my cleanse come with a manual?
Of course, we send a prep email prior to their cleanse. We also include a detailed cleanse manual that has been created by our detox specialist. The manual includes instructions, tips and even recipes and shopping lists.

Will I lose weight from cleanse?
It is possible, but weight-loss is not specifically what our cleanse intends to do. Any weight that you will lose during your cleanse is normally just water weight and toxins. Once you begin to integrate foods into your diet again, your weight will return to its normal state. Cleansing is a great way to influence weight-loss, and transition your dietary habits, but instant weight-loss is not the goal of a cleanse.

What are the detox symptoms that I will experience?
Mild headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and bouts of nausea are normal. If you feel your symptoms are unbearable, please contact a medical professional.

I have never cleansed before. How do I know that I can handle it?
Remember that our cleanses offer a great amount of nutrients and are not intended to deprive you of any. Our cleanses are designed to give you everything that you need to make it through your day. Just make sure to take it a little slower than usual and listen to your body.

Can I have any other beverages in addition to the juices?
Yes, as long as they are healthy. We recommend having at least eight glasses of water per day, besides your cleanse beverages.

I have not gone to the bathroom since I started the cleanse, what should I do?
This is normal, the opposite is also a normal side effect.

What if I get hungry?
Consume your juices slowly and conscientiously. If you find your hunger unbearable, we recommend you snack on only fruits and vegetables.