Our Story

NOW, it is more than the name of our juice, it is a powerful statement! Every swig of bottled goodness says – ‘Time is NOW to start your journey towards fitness’. Every bottle of our cold pressed juice personifies the promise of cold-pressed juices prepared from grade-A produce. The brand is founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who came together to deliver top-quality juices in the ever-growing cold-pressed beverage industry. The journey began with the shared dream of helping people transform their lives with active living and nutrition.

Our health enthusiastic team bonded over researching delicious and healthy juices. They believed that healthy food shouldn’t necessarily taste bad! What triggered them to jump into this business was the lack of pure and quality juice manufacturers in the market. They decided to be the change and began operations immediately, because they knew the time was right. Armed with the vision and a mission to get the best quality cold-pressed juice to as many hands as possible. And, with large-scale sourcing of Grade-A fruits and vegetables, and a cutting-edge High Pressure Juice processing, the brand is aspiring to be a leading cold-pressed juice manufacturer in western Maharashtra.